Giving Decorative Books a Chance

Stack of decorating books by Domino and Grace Bonney - Giving Decorative Books a Chance by Peri McKinnis - Peri Reads -

Now I’m not someone who buys decorative books for fun. Whenever I go to a bookstore and I see them beautifully layed out for all to gawk at, I can’t resist taking a peek. The gorgeous shots, the layouts, and the overall vibe, decorative books are a wonderful centerpiece to have at any home. They look good on your bookshelves, they look good on your coffee table, they’ll even add some flair to your bedroom. These books aren’t really meant to be “read” like the books I typically talk about rather these books are admired for the array of strategic shots and amazing graphic design. Some of them focus on room decor and interior design while others focus on traveling to different regions or countries. All arranged in different types of aesthetics that can suit anyones home. 

Giving Decorative Books a Chance by Peri McKinnis - Peri Reads -

Well someone might be asking themselves, say what is a decorative book? And I’ll explain! These books range from either completely filled with art or photographs, to having a few graphics here and there explaining the scenes. Some are inspired by rooms that have found on the internet, on classic example of this is Diane Keaton’s “The House That Pinterest Built,” which is exactly how the title describes. The book is a little sneak peek into Keaton’s home where her main inspiration for her style were the pins she’d find on Pinterest. This one is a wonderful gift idea for those loved ones who may be obsessed with finding the right pins and watch a lot of HGTV. The fun parts about these decorative books is their simplicity on the outside but the amount of detail that is put into the inside. Take one look at “The Pattern” by Rebecca Atwood. Another popular style book Atwood shows us how to use, decorate, and style patterns together. Each page is meticulously decorated with unique patterns and color designs paired with rooms that are beautifully composed. The last one that I want to talk about is another popular decorative book is “Domino: The Book of Decorating,” curated by Deborah Needleman, Sara Ruffin Costello, Dara Coponigro. This book is perfect for those who may not be as street smart as your design friends and need a step by step guide to get the job done. That’s where the domino comes in, it really is like a fun help book, going from room to room to give tips and tricks to make your room look picture perfect. 

Stack of decorating books by Domino and Grace Bonney - Giving Decorative Books a Chance by Peri McKinnis - Peri Reads -

Now another question who may have teetering around in your mind, where do you put these books? How do I decorate the decorator? Well these are a few ideas that I’ve seen work for me and may for you! These books are known as coffee table books simply because they are perfect for the coffee table. Even a little side table if it has the right amount of space. These books come in handy when you need to fluff up that empty table and honestly a great converstion starter. Your guests will see these beautiful books, ask you about them, and be blown away by your amazing sense of style (thanks to the books of course). Have empty shelf space in your living room? That’s what these books were made for! Lay them done, spine facing towards the room, and they’ll make the room pop. And again, great conversation starter. Maybe another guest will admire your home and ask where did you get this inspiration? How did you become such an interior expert? Then bam: you show them these bad boys and they’ll be blown away. Or at least should be. While they are definitely wonderful decorations they are also filled with great ideas to either style your home, be inspired by great art, or photography. These are great to casually look at for aesthetic reasons or for work. Decorative books are wonderful for your artistic friends, design friends, or any friend that just wants to elevate their book shelf. 

Stack of decorating books by Domino and Grace Bonney - Giving Decorative Books a Chance by Peri McKinnis - Peri Reads -

Honestly I’m not someone who’s into design the way my mother is. She’s the one who suggested I do this post considering she’s the one who has a vast collection of these books to go around. I’m so used to seeing them around my home I’m sometimes surprised they aren’t in everyone’s homes. And I figured this would be so much fun to write about from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have a lot of design knowledge to begin with. I’ve also never thought to give these books a chance and scroll through them which I’m glad I did. It was so much fun to see the different layouts, graphics, and photographs that were curated within each of these books and I will most def have to get some for my own home. But for now I’ll enjoy my mother’s pretty ones.


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