Finding Inspiration and Setting My Voice Free

Photo features cover of the book Find Your Artistic Voice: The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic by Lisa Congdon

An artist’s voice is their calling card—it’s what makes each of their works vital and particular, but developing such singular artistry requires effort and persistence.Find Your Artistic Voice offers everyday strategies, inspirational anecdotes, and practical advice to push through fear and insecurity in your artistic practice.

This book, Find Your Artistic Voice: The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic by Lisa Congdon, was a Christmas gift from my mother. I’m not much of an artist but we all have to start somewhere right? Plus Lisa Congdon is a queer woman with a very beautiful art style with lots of useful tips. I struggle to understand my aesthetic and get my creative juices flowing. This book is meant to give out some pointers on understanding your artist aesthetic.

Congdon starts off by giving her own advice about how she started and what works for her. In other parts of the book Congdon interviews her successful artist friends that  to get their insight on how they have expanded their creative voices over the years.

The book is composed of Congdon’s own art work throughout the pages, with reliable tips on how to find your art style, your artistic voice, and confidence. I appreciate how Congdon comes from a place of earnest wisdom and shares it with the reader. The interviews between Congdon and other artists of different styles and backgrounds are honest and insightful. It shows how subjective art truly is. 

Art is whatever you want to make it! I also appreciate how diverse this group of artists are. No artist is the same and I think that really highlights one of the many beauties of creating art. Anybody can do it! No matter where you come from you can encompass any part of your life experience, anything really into the art that you create. Which I genuinely think is wonderful.

Photo features Peri McKinnis holding her first abstract painting inspired by the book Find Your Artistic Voice: The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic by Lisa Congdon

Much like Lisa Congdon, I also love bright colors. Patterns. Shapes. Anything that makes the room pop or my closet shine, I’ll add it to my collection of goodies. My dream home has lots of color, fun furniture, and amazing art. My own brand is inspired by the works of Lisa Congdon.  While yes I have yet to curate an art style of my own yet, I love seeing the art work all over the pages. I honestly couldn’t get enough. The cover alone is something I would have printed on my wall somewhere. Her art truly inspired my whole brand if I’m being honest. I especially loved that with each chapter, we get a good look at her different prints. Like I can’t get enough of how everything is laid out in the book it truly is art within art. Each chapter goes into detail about the many elements of making art and keeping up with the work. There you’ll find tips on how to maintain a schedule with your art, how to stay consistent, and what art you even want to make. Congdon’s main goal when reading this book is not that you’ll be a professional artist by the end of this book, rather you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to get there. You’ll be more than prepared to start your new journey if Lisa Congdon believes in you.

So you’re probably wondering: Peri did you find your artistic voice? And honestly, I think I have. Sure I’m not going to be known as a professional artist or anything like that but I do know what it takes to be a professional creative. It’s to believe in your own work and to be confident in it. It’s to not be embarrassed by your weird side. It’s to show the world what your mind is like, what your interests are, and what are some of your favorite things. I’m not making “art” full time but I am creating something every day. Whether that be writing a post, curating book posts, even drawing a picture when I get bored enough. Art is whatever you make it out to be. Art is fun, serious, beautiful, sad all at the same time. I like to believe my whole blog is a work of art. I think Congdon would agree.


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