Booklight: Commonplace Bookstore

Peri McKinnis of Peri Reads shopping in Ccommonplace Books in Downtown Edmond Oklahoma. Photo features Peri smiling while standing in front of a bookshelf featuring several current book releases.

Independently owned bookstores are a great place to aquire some of your favorite reads while supporting a local business. While yes it’s easier to head down to a Barnes and Noble to snag a good book this is a fun way to explore your options. There are plenty of great search engines to find local […]

Giving Decorative Books a Chance

Stack of decorating books by Domino and Grace Bonney - Giving Decorative Books a Chance by Peri McKinnis - Peri Reads -

Now I’m not someone who buys decorative books for fun. Whenever I go to a bookstore and I see them beautifully layed out for all to gawk at, I can’t resist taking a peek. The gorgeous shots, the layouts, and the overall vibe, decorative books are a wonderful centerpiece to have at any home. They […]

11 | 21 Monthly Reading Wrap-Up

Photo features a relaxed Peri McKinnis holding a finished book.

Another month has come and gone. Seriously where has the time gone? November goes by so fast even with Thanksgiving in the end! But seeing my mother put up the Christmas tree I knew it’s time for a wrap up. We’re here to talk about all the books I read in November! I didn’t read […]

10 | 21 Monthly Reading Wrap-Up

Photo features a relaxed Peri McKinnis with a finished book on her lap and her dog Baker next to her.

Well, October is almost over and you know what that means: spooky season is coming to a close and that makes me a little sad. Another wonderful Halloween come and gone. I enjoyed every bit of it from having pumpkin spiced lattes every day to watching all my favorite Halloween movies and reminiscing on trick-or-treater’s […]

Top Five Favorite YA Ghost Books That Remind Me of Halloween

Photo features a Jack-o-lantern pumpkin sitting on top of a stack of books that are featured in this article - My Top Five Favorite YA Ghost Books That Remind Me of - by Peri McKinnis - Peri Reads -

I have something I need to admit. As a child I obviously liked to read but there was a genre that I couldn’t put down, and those were ghost/ horror genre books. R.L. Stine has to be mostly to blame for that as his books were easily accessible at the school library and every Halloween […]

My Favorite Way to Listen to Audiobooks

Photo features Peri McKinnis wearing her Apple Airpods and listening to an audiobook on Libby.

For a while I was one of those people that just couldn’t get into audiobooks. I wanted to hold the book, immerse myself in every word, and listen to my own narration. But the issue with books, especially popular or recently published ones, is that they are a little expensive. There’s nothing wrong with that […]