Booklight: Commonplace Bookstore

Peri McKinnis of Peri Reads shopping in Ccommonplace Books in Downtown Edmond Oklahoma. Photo features Peri smiling while standing in front of a bookshelf featuring several current book releases.

Independently owned bookstores are a great place to aquire some of your favorite reads while supporting a local business. While yes it’s easier to head down to a Barnes and Noble to snag a good book this is a fun way to explore your options. There are plenty of great search engines to find local bookstores in your area. is easy to use as all you have to do is put in your zipcode and it will find a local bookstore within 100 miles. another classic for those who find it easier to order books online. Now you don’t have to feel bad about supporting a big organization because Bookshop connects you with a bookstore near you and orders your books from there. Now you have a great read and your money is in trusted hands. Who doesn’t love to see it?

Peri McKinnis of Peri Reads featuring the bookstore Ccommonplace Books in Midtown Oklahoma City Oklahoma. Photo features the front door signage for Commonplace Books.

Now I live in the Oklahoma City area and, I’ll be honest, the options here are pretty sparse. Not saying anyone here doesn’t want to read but the city isn’t as big as New York’s. So whenever I find myself a cute bookstore I become a loyal customer. That’s why I wanted to highlight the wonderful Commonplace bookstores! They have two locations near me, the one in OKC and the one in Edmond. They both have their own unique feels and are completely pandered with all the latest reads. The booksellers are always so wonderful and you feel so welcomed every time you walk in. And sometimes you might be welcomed by the owners dog. Truly heaven.

Peri McKinnis of Peri Reads featuring the bookstore Ccommonplace Books in Downtown Edmond Oklahoma. Photo features a display bookshelf with several current publications.

I love them both equally, but if I had to choose I’d have to say the one I frequent the most is the Edmond location. It’s right in the middle of downtown and it gives off the coziest small town vibes. The books are placed within their own little cubbies, every corner of the store is decorated perfectly, and it feels like you’re coming home after a long day. I’ll be honest I might be taking some of these ideas in to my own home. The couches? Immaculate. I’m always tempted to take them home myself. When you walk in you’re greeted by some of the more popular literary fiction books. They know their audience well. As you peruse through the store there’s a section dedicated to decorative, design, and cookbooks. Still really pretty to look at. The back of the store is probably the cutest as that’s where their children’s section is. And honestly if I have a kid they will have an aesthetically pleasing children’s books. It’s good I know where to snag them in the future.

Commonplace Bookstores are a wonderful place to dive headfirst in to your love for books. It’s a great place to walk around with friends after your just enjoyed your coffee. Downtown Edmond is pretty cute after all. Supporting local businesses is the move and this is one of the simplest ways of being a part of it. If you’re in the Oklahoma City/ Edmond area Commonplace is a great bookstore to check out!


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